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Freshness lives longer
Zipfresh helps retain freshness of the food products for a longer duration (compared to conventional / ordinary pouches). The ‘Easy Lock’ system prevents air, moisture and dust from getting inside, thereby keeping the food fresh while also retaining its original aroma, flavor and nutritional value. Zipfresh bags have a special zipper seal that helps preserve the original aroma of food. Designed to prevent freezer burn, Zipfresh bags are excellent storage solutions for perishable items. What makes them ideal for refrigeration storage is the fact that they are flexible, occupy lesser volume and can fit into tiny spaces.

  • Retains freshness of the food products for a longer duration
  • Preserves nutritional value of food products
  • Excellent aroma retention power
  • Restricts entry of dirt, oxygen and moisture
  • Made from FDA approved food–grade material to ensure food safety
  • Durable, long lasting and reusable  
  • Tight and secure seal to lock in the freshness
  • Convenient to use & easy to carry
  • Transparent material facilitates easy identification of stored products
Zipfresh is a concept loaded with fresh ideas. Ideas limited only by your imagination.
Home, Outdoor, Travel–
Zipfresh can be used anywhere for Food and Non-food products. Zipfresh can be used to store just about anything like  Fruits, vegetables, Dairy products, Dry fruits, Spices, Freezer mix products, Bakery products,Sandwiches,Snack ,Traveling (picnic) products, Tiffin Purpose , Important Documents, Stationary,  games ,cosmetics, Medicine, Currency, jewelry & gems, non-food items. (Soap, detergent, shampoo, perfume, small cosmetics.)

Food Storage tips at home

  • Keep you left over item in the freeze or in the kitchen.
  • Store home made food.
  • It’s a transparent and easy to fit any corner of the freeze.
  • Deep freeze your products like peas, mango pulp, beans for longer time.
  • Also pack chapattis in a Tiffin box. So it keeps fresh.
  • Use Zip fresh bags instead of your storage container it saves you space & money.
  • Cut salads put it in a zip fresh bag and you can shake the bag to mix the salad.


  • Save the space, easy to identify your food stuff.
  • Outdoor picnic: Keep all snacks, fruits, vegetables and left over can make it back to your home safely.
  • Choose your bags according to your space.
  • Also stuff different currencies during your traveling and also store your visa-passport.
  • You can put personal items like loose coins, keys, i-pod, watch, jewelry, photographs & much more.

Available in Different sizes

225 X 270 MM, 180 X 225 MM, 153 X 153 MM Combo pack (mix sizes)

Zip fresh brand bags are also available with your private label or sign/ logos. This can be customized size, printing, packing also. Please contact us info@zipfresh.com