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Zipfresh is not just a product. Not just a brand. It is a philosophy. It is the commitment and promise to retain the freshness for a longer time.Zipfresh is an idea.

Welcome to the brand new world of Zipfresh, A fresh idea whose time has come...

Zipfresh is a storage solution.
• It is a ‘freshness retention’ solution. 
• It is a ‘store-it-and-forget it’ solution.
• It is a ‘store-just-about-anything’ solution.
• It is a ‘peace-of-mind’ solution.

Made out of high-barrier, multi-layer film, Zipfresh is the perfect storage solution for all your freshness retention needs. An Indigenously designed ‘Easy Lock’ system. Using these bags is a child’s play and once closed, these bags prevent air and moisture from getting inside, while locking in the freshness.

Though most commonly used for food products, Zipfresh bags can also be used for a wide variety of applications including travel, outdoor, and storage of non-food products.

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