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Keep pens, pencils, crayons, markers, stapler pins neatly stored up for instant access and retrieval.You can keep children’s stationary in an organized way like (note book, pencil, gift articles, colors, stamps, post cards).

It gives a product organized, protected storage. It’s a strong sustainable pouch.Store your holiday decorations, toys, memorable photographs and other valuables products.

Organize your cosmetic products like Soap, detergent, shampoo, perfume ,make-up accessories & much more which is easy to identify & that make storage organized in your home.

Nails, screws, brackets, nuts, bolts, pins and all those little things that you are never able to find when you need them most – can be easily packed in transparent and easy-to-identify Zipfresh bags.

Memories last a lifetime. And now photographs too can. Zipfresh can be an excellent storage solution for all those captured moments – without worrying about moisture and stains affecting them.

Old tapes, cassettes and even CDs and DVDs can be neatly stacked in Zipfesh bags which will not let the dust and dirt in. What’s more, the music collection can be organized as per artist, album, genre’ etc and easily accessed when you are in the mood for some soothing moments.

Personal Effects
In this age of jet set lifestyles, organizing personal effects, toiletries, make-up kits, shaving kits, tooth pastes, gels and creams can be real taxing. Zipfresh comes in very handy here as you can store all these items neatly without worrying about spillovers or mix-ups. It works as a security transparent bags during your air travel.

Travel Documents
Forget expensive leather wallets. Now you can store your tickets, passports, visa documents in air-tight Zipfresh bags and stop worrying about these documents getting wet or damaged during transit.

Jewelry & Currency
International travel means new currency. Zipfresh can help you stack away the coins and current notes as per their denominations. They can also be used to store valuables such as diamond rings, necklaces and bracelets.  

First Aid Kit
Most of us have encountered the problems of storing things at random and not being able to find them at the right time.  Zipfresh has a solution. Now you can store the entire first-aid kit in one bag – thereby making the entire kit easily accessible in times of emergencies.